Silent Knight- Hunger Strike (Album)

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I stepped back into the time machine with this one. You may have heard the track 'Busy is my Best Friend' on a dontsleeppp playlist, and if you liked it you already know what to expect from Silent Knight. 'Hunger Strike' dropped in late 2006, and I listened to it a lot then, when alot of the producers on the album were still unknown even by underground heads. Today, guys like Illmind(G-Unit) and Analogic(EMC) are doing big things so it's cool to hear how they started out. The album has features from the likes of Supastition and Sean Price, but Silent Knight easily holds his own with solid hooks and concepts.

I Don't Know

Can't Go Back

Verbal Assault

Friend Stiller

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1. Hunger Strike
2. So Close
3. Everybody Needs
4. Silence
5. I Don't Know
6. Sometimes Ft. Raks One
7. Can't Go Back
8. Respect Due Ft. Josh David
9. Understand Ft. Hasan Salaam
10. Verbal Assault Ft. Tiffany Paige
11. Friend Stiller
12. Storm Season Ft. Sean Boog
13. Speakin' My Mind (Remix) Ft. Pumpkinhead, Sean Price And Outbrst
14. This Is It
15. Red Army Movement Ft. Cymarshall Law, J. Siinistah And Archival
16. Think Fast Ft. Kaze And Supastition
17. Shine

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