April Playlist

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April 2011 by dontsleeppp.blogspot.com

Some slept on joints and more from this past month.. enjoy!

NEXT TO BLOW: Meek Millz!

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He's back and now signed to Rick Ross's Maybach Music Group.. When Diddy's probably doing what he should of done a long time ago. Ritiring that stupid Dirty Money group situation he had going on, unless he's playing Wizard Of OZ in the background.


Titties and Some Carrot Cake

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Skillz - Enjoying The View

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I was in this mood earlier! Heh.. So here ya go!

- dontsleeppp

Silent Knight- Hunger Strike (Album)

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I stepped back into the time machine with this one. You may have heard the track 'Busy is my Best Friend' on a dontsleeppp playlist, and if you liked it you already know what to expect from Silent Knight. 'Hunger Strike' dropped in late 2006, and I listened to it a lot then, when alot of the producers on the album were still unknown even by underground heads. Today, guys like Illmind(G-Unit) and Analogic(EMC) are doing big things so it's cool to hear how they started out. The album has features from the likes of Supastition and Sean Price, but Silent Knight easily holds his own with solid hooks and concepts.

I Don't Know

Can't Go Back

Verbal Assault

Friend Stiller

Album Link after the Jump.

Diz Gibran- Soon You'll Understand (Mixtape)

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This was probably my favorite mixtape when it dropped 2 years ago but I kind of forgot about it until some tracks came up on shuffle recently. The whole tape still sounds fresh today, thanks to Moonshine's (Queens, NY) creative beats and Diz's bars. He goes from introspective on 'Impossible' to full on battle rhymer on 'Capital D' with ease. Gibran is easily one of the dopest out of L.A., which says alot considering the west coast is one of the main areas keeping hip hop exciting these days. Check out these joints below and download after the jump.



Capital D

Calypso Flow

*Bonus* The Return [New April 2011 track]

Phonte's Solo Album (News)

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After disputing and then settling their differences publicly, Phonte and 9th Wonder are ready to work together again:

"We were just talking on the plane on the way up, I'm officially starting my record when we get back." Phonte continued, "Me and 9th are going to start going through tracks. What I see for my record is I want him to be if, my record is for example an Amplified (Q-Tip), he would be like my J Dilla. Any other producers that we work with would have to fit within that framework. September 13th is the release date..the same day as the Minstrel Show 6 years ago."

Link To Video

After the Jump, download 4 of Phonte's latest tracks.

Fresh Slept-On Joints

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1st Quarter Sleepers by dontsleepp

A playlist of tracks, mostly from Jan.-March '11 we felt went under the radar of alot of heads. Enjoy!

Freddie Gibbs- Str8 Slammin (Mixtape)

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01. (03:11) Freddie Gibbs - It's All Cognac (Produced by Bink!)
02. (02:39) Freddie Gibbs - Field ***** Blues (ft. Mikkey Halsted) (Produced by No I.D.)
03. (04:49) Freddie Gibbs - Caught In A Daze (ft. David Dallas) (Produced by Fire & Ice)
04. (04:17) Freddie Gibbs - Highway To Hell (ft. Bun B) (Produced by Mexicans With Guns)
05. (03:47) Freddie Gibbs - One Day at a Time (ft. P Watts) (Produced by DJ Burn One)
06. (03:44) Freddie Gibbs - Peacful (feat. Self Scientific & Krondon) (Produced by DJ Khalil)
07. (01:30) Freddie Gibbs - This Is Freddie (Produced by DJ Premier)
08. (02:13) Freddie Gibbs - C.H.L. (Cops, Hoes, Labels)
09. (03:10) Freddie Gibbs - In (ft. Blu & Homeboy Sandman)
10. (02:25) Freddie Gibbs - Heads of the Heads (ft. GLC) (Produced by Tony Baines)
11. (02:06) Freddie Gibbs - Learn to Duck (Produced by DJ Premier)
12. (04:46) Freddie Gibbs - Authority (ft. Pulled Over By the Cops) (Produced by Blended Babies)
13. (03:46) Freddie Gibbs - fu*k Rap Pt. 2 (Produced by Josh The Goon)
14. (03:10) Freddie Gibbs - Something New (ft. YP) (Produced by Million $ Mano)
15. (03:12) Freddie Gibbs - On My Own (ft. Mikkey Halsted) (Produced by Maja7th)
16. (02:41) Freddie Gibbs - Fallin' (ft. Termanology) (Produced by Statik Selektah)
17. (02:24) Freddie Gibbs - Gone (ft. Co$$) (Produced by Numonics)
18. (03:31) Freddie Gibbs - Stuck To You (ft. Sani G & Insanity)
19. (03:41) Freddie Gibbs - Fa Sho! (ft. PUSH! Montana & Killa Kyleon) (Produced by Canei Finch)
20. (03:37) Freddie Gibbs - Player Of The Century (ft. Naledge) (Produced by Double 0)
21. (03:14) Freddie Gibbs - Falling Out of Place (Remix) (ft. Pollyn)
22. (01:17) Freddie Gibbs - Take Aim (ft. Alex of The Kickdrums) (Produced by Cook Classics)
23. (03:36) Freddie Gibbs - My Way Home (Produced by DJ Burn One)

Str8 Slammin is a collection of Gibbs songs & features that didn't land on any official Gibbs mixtapes. It's a very well put together compilation. Professional fixes & edits were made to supe certain tracks up a bit so the tape flows together like a retail album. In no way shape or form do we profit off this tape it was put together strictly for the fans. All tracks are CDQ & No DJ!

Young Jeezy signs Freddie Gibbs?

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Seems like a strange move..hope Gangsta Gibbs knows what hes doing. This could have something to do with Rick Ross's latest signings (Wale, Pill, Meek Mill), since both Gibbs and Jeezy don't see eye to eye with Ross..time will tell.

J Rawls- Best Producer On The Mic (Feat. Diamond D, Kev Brown, Oh No)

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Lord Finesse should've been on this joint!

Meyhem Lauren x Action Bronson- Typhoon Rap

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Caught this video today randomly, hilarious.

Big K.R.I.T. - R4 Theme Song (In Studio Performance)

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Kendrick Lamar- Overly Dedicated (Mixtape)

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This tape wasn't exactly slept on..it received enough praise when it dropped, most notably from the D.R.E. However, I never got around to checking it out until a couple weeks ago, and it's been in rotation ever since. Kendrick transitions on this mix from hazed out joints to undeniable bangers like it's nothing..and keeps his rhymes in check at the same time.I have a feeling the XXL freshman will be making alot of noise in 2011, so don't sleeppp.

Night of The Living Junkies

Alien Girl

Michael Jordan (Feat. SchoolBoy Q) [Watch Video]

Cut You Off (To Grow Closer)

Tracklist/Link after the jump.