Blog or Die! New Mixtapes On Desk!

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DNew mixtapes:

Fabolous - Death Comes In 3's 

Rick Ross - Rich Forever 

2Chainz aka: TityBoi - TRUrealigion + Featuring Mixtape

 T.I. - F* City Up!

All 5 mixtapes are awesome! Although a tad mainstream, appologizes to the true heads out there, but some real music playlisting coming your way shortly!


DL after the jump!
Fabolous - Death Comes In 3's

Rick Ross - Rich Forever 

DJ E. Sudd; Featuing 2Chainz Mixtape  & T.R.U.realigion Mixtape

DJ E.sudd Featuring:

TRUrealigion Mixtape

T.I. - F* The City Up!