Roc Marciano- Momma Told Me (Prod. Alchemist)

Posted by Bonesy | Posted in | Posted on 6:50 PM

It's funny to me that this Greneberg EP dropped on the same day (I think) as Jay-Z and Kanye's Otis, yet goes ignored while the Watch The Throne leak has the internets going nuts. The Alchemist has been making stripped down beats like this for years now without the hype and massive budget of Jay and Ye's new collabo album. 'Otis' is by no means wack, but seems par for the course when certain heads have been listening to this brand of hip hop for years. Oh yeah, and Roc Marc laced this one with gems as usual..dope and hilarious at the same time.
"Far from a rookie, pockets is snookie/book me? I'm hard to hit like porcupine pussy"
"Biters copy while I pull one out the crime rhyme glossary"
"You got a haagen daaz heart this is Modern Art"